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Chaplain's Corner
May 2024

The most interesting video I had watched on YouTube was based on a fake job interview conducted through Zoom. The job was posted online and in the newspapers, then they held real interviews. The video features various candidates who applied for the position. The person conducting the interview begins by explaining that the name being considered for the job is director of operations. Then he begins to list the long list of responsibilities. The job requires them to work most of the time standing up, high level of stamina, unlimited hours of work, a 24 hours-7 days a week, and there are no breaks. The job allows for the employee to eat lunch only when the associate has lunch. The position requires excellent negotiations and interpersonal skills. The person needs to have a degree in medicine, finance, and the culinary arts. The person needs to be able to wear several hats.

All the while, the person being interviewed is confused and begins to protest of how these requirements and responsibilities are cruel, unfair, and illegal while expecting it to be done for “FREE.”

The interviewer finally tells them that there is someone who currently holds this position. The interviewee asks, “Who holds this position?” He replies, “Moms.”


All of them have the realization of how true this job description really is about mothers. Suddenly, they share how grateful they are for their mothers.


The Bible states in Proverbs 31:28, “Her children arise up and call her blessed.” To all our mothers who are with us, who have passed on, and who will one day bear a child; you are blessed. Thank you for doing the job no one else can do.


Here is a prayer for our mothers: "Heavenly Father, we thank You for the gift of motherhood. Today, we celebrate the loving sacrifice of mothers, both biological and spiritual, who nurture and guide us in Your ways. Bless them with joy, strength, and love to continue their selfless devotion. May they feel deeply appreciated and honored not just today, but every day. Amen." VISIT US: 

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