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Become a Volunteer

We would love to have you as a volunteer at the ACPM! We provide the training and are always available to answer any of your questions. If you are interested but not sure, just talk to Chaplain Perez and he will assist you in making a decision to see if this is somewhere that is a fit for you!

Individuals interested in becoming a volunteer, please submit a Volunteer Application Packet to the Director of Christian Ministries.


 Volunteer Application Process:

  1. Download the three forms below.

  2. Follow the instructions for submitting your application.

  3. Submit completed volunteer application packet.  Use the address listed on the instructions page.

  4. Applications will be reviewed.

  5. Criminal background checks will be made.

  6. Approved applicants will receive an approval and invitation letter from ACACC with specific dates to attend the mandatory volunteer training.

ACPM Application Instructions

ACACC Application

Statement of Faith

Prison Ministries

ACPM supervises the ministry of both paid staff and volunteers that minister to approximately 2,000 inmates annually at the Adams County Adult Correctional Complex (ACACC).

- Serving the local churches in Adams and York Counties

- Pastoral Care to inmates and staff

- Weekly Worship Services

- Bridges to Life Program

- Weekly Bible Studies conducted in English and Spanish

- Mentorship programs for those released

-110 volunteers

- Bibles and spiritual materials distributed monthly

- Decisions for Christ each month

- Discipleship and encouragement

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